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[IP] Itchy (and irritated) sites

OK, any suggestions?  I'm getting kind of desperate (desperately itchy 
<gr.>).  After 4 1/2 years of pumping, the last year or so using a 
comfort and almost 3 before that using a silhouette, I am having real 
problems with itching and irritation in the sites, sometimes within a 
few hours of putting them in.  Last month, I had had several sites that 
were not only uncomfortable but also seemed to work less well as they 
got irritated.  I changed from Humalog to Novolog 3 weeks ago, and the 
first site with the novolog was all right,  but it seems like each 
succeeding one has been progressively worse, although they all have 
still been working when I changed them.  I have experimented with IV 
Prep and no IV Prep, inserting through IV3000 tape and no tape, but the 
problem certainly seems to be centered around the insertion site 
itself, not the area around it.  The sites do heal fairly quickly.

Animas is supposed to be sending me some Ultraflex sets, which I asked 
for thinking that maybe if I was inserting into a different level of 
skin I would do better, having used the silhouettes/comforts for so 
long.  But, since the problem seems to be occurring in a couple sites I 
don't think I've ever used before, I am skeptical that is really going 
to help. I have not been able to reach the local Animas clinical 
person.  At the moment, I am not changing sites until they get sore 
(which has lately been by 2 - 2 1/2 days), because the itchiness starts 
within hours  (luckily, it comes and goes).

Has anyone ever had reaction to a particular lot of an infusion set? I 
know I have been using sets from 1 lot during most of this -- I think 
it started before I opened the first box, but it is possible that was 
the beginning.

Linda Z
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