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Re: [IP] cozmo to require me to think more

The History screens of the Cozmo are not the greatest.  They don't 
show what was delivered, only what was programmed.  So if you make a 
change on the bolus menu, the history will not show the correct carb 
equivalent as delivered.  This is perhaps the only negative I've 
found with the Cozmo so far.  I'm not sure why they have made the 
history so difficult to use.

<<<<<<<If you did the zero carbs and "correct" the bolus to a 
different amount, does
the Coz record it as a corrective bolus (i.e. for high BGs) or would it still
show in the history as a carb bolus?  I'm curious, because there are lots of
foods that my daughter eats so frequently that she just knows the bolus
amount and doesn't even think about the total carbs.  Though she could "back
into" the carb total, I know she'd prefer not to . . .
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