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Re: [IP] Request information on Animas/MiniMed/DTRON Plus

Jenny has had her Animas since December 2000. Never have we had a low 
reservoir alarm beep every three minutes. The Animas has been a 
wonderful piece of equipment. Please remember that one person's 
complaint about a pump does not mean that has been a problem for everyone.


email @ redacted wrote:

>Dear Lyndy,
>  Sorry to contradict you here, but i happen to know that animas has not been 
> around for 3 years now. I started pumping 6/9/00. At the time I was selecting
>my pump i really only had two choices Disetronic and Minimed.  Animas was an 
 > option but they did not start shipping their pumps till July of 2000. I
>to believe my next pump will be the Cozmo.  If the animas beeps every three 
 > minutes for a low reservoir it isn't for me. My minimed beeps at 10 units
>then when i get a no delievery so i don't waste any insulin.
> Wendy, curley blue, minimed  508, larry the lancer, and moe the meter.
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