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[IP] Re: Cozmo is here

 Hi all! Just wanted to let you all know that Cara's Cozmo did arrive yesterday
(well Wednesday) just as I was told it would on Monday. I haven't had a lot of
time to look at it yet, but it all seeems to be there, including the software.
 We even had the pump trainer call today and want to come out on Sat to train,
however because of my schedule, that will have to wait a week or so. But, I
really am getting good info from you all to be able to ask very specific
questions when we do start!
 Now to give you all a laugh for the day...in todays mail, I received a letter
from BC/BSTN telling me that they are (again) denying Cara an upgraded pump!Do
you think the right hand there can tell the left what's it's doing? AGGGGG!
I want to see them come and get it anyway!

Joann, Mom to Cara
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