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[IP] I can't believe this (long, possibly pointless)Aww read it anyhow will ya?

My insurance company (who up until this point have been wonderful) have 
really screwed with my head today. I got notice from them that since I have 
to go to a perinatologist since I am a high risk pregnancy, that I will have 
to pay a higher copay EVERY TIME. I know that this probably sounds normal to 
some people. I'm not trying to whine but I feel like I am getting messed over 
because in all the paperwork we got from the insurance company when we first 
signed up said that there was a $15.00 copay PER PREGNANCY. Now since being 
told by the ins.co that I would have to pay more due to my high risk, I have 
gone over EVERYTHING that they gave us for our policy and there is no 
provision in there ANYWHERE for high risk pregnancy. It makes no mention of 
high risks pregnancies at all except to list perinatologists that are covered 
under the plan. I didn't need a referral to see my perinatologist and like I 
said, it is NOWHERE in the booklet that lists our benefits
that a high risk pregnancy requires more copay. Am I getting the shaft? 
Should I file a grievance? I'm so confused. They've been good up until this 
point but I don't want to be a sheep and meekly accept something that I 
should fight. Any suggestions?

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