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[IP] RE: Some questions about the Cozmo

<OK here are some questions I have about the Cozmo...

First.. does anyone know how it does with static electricity?  I have two
small kids who love to slide down those plastic slides that give off those
wonderful sparks.  How does this pump do?? My current pump has never had any
issues with it.>

I haven't had a problem with the Cozmo and static electricity.  Not that I
know of.

<Next... Does anyone use the reminders for checking your BG?  Does it help?
is it more of a pain then its worth?>

I love the BG reminder.  If I am really busy.  I let it remind me and I turn
it off and check when I can.  This is a great feature.

<Third.. Does anyone know what their (Deltec's) Policy is if the pump stops
working and cant be fixed.. what do they do?? How fast do they claim to fix
the problem??>

I had my pump give me a warning, so I called the help line.  This was on a
weekend, the answering service relayed my call to the nurse on call,  She
called me back in about three minutes.  We did some trouble shooting and she
determined that they would send me a new pump on Monday.  They contacted me on
Monday and shipped the new pump.  The customer service was professional and
pleasant.  The service was great.

<Forth.. The software you can get to "personalize" the pump.. Have any IP
bought it.. do you think its worthwhile?? Suggestions about it?? ie buy it or

I haven't ordered my software yet.  I understand that the first version
doesn't make charts and graphs for your BGs entered into the pump, but the
second version will have this feature.  One thing, if you think you want the
software and inferred hardware when you order the pump, make sure that you get
a script from your Doc that is required to get the software and hardware.  The
software right now is only good for Windows XP or Windows 2000.   They are
working on  the Windows 98 version.

I guess thats all I can think of now.  Anyone who might know the answers to
these would be appriciated.

Thanks!  Joni
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