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[IP] Re: Need opinions

On Thursday, March 6, 2003, "Ashley" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> my paradigm went dead from static electricity.  Mini
> Med sent me a refurbished pump the next day.  I resolved the problem 
> with my
> pump by removing the batteries

I haven't ever used a paradigm, but I had some problems with static 
electricity with the 507c.  It was my experience that  some 507c pumps 
were more prone to the static electricity problems than others.  When I 
got a loaner that did not seem to be susceptible to it, I kept it 
<gr.>.  I guess the question I would be concerned with now is whether 
your original pump was likely to have the problem again.  How long had 
you had it, and had it ever showed sensitivity to static electricity 
before?  If you are thinking of keeping the loaner, I would wait to 
make sure IT doesn't have problems before I sent the other one back.

Linda Z
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