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Re: [IP] cozmo...making you think about D more

The warning about pumps and cell phones is for the same reason that hospitals
do not allow cell phones to be on on the premises.  There is the "possibility"
that cell phones will interfer with delicate medical equipment.  Doesn't mean
that it is absolute, but that there is the possibility.  Tests have shown that
some interference may occur.  Health care facilities would rather err on the
side of safety.

Have to offer my two cents worth.  Been diabetic for almost 30 years and am
going on the pump sometime in June/July.  Definitely looking forward to not
taking 4-5 shots daily of Lantus and Humulog.  Need to control my wild bgs and
arrest the peripheral neuropathy.

    Gary Wise

Elliott Youngberg wrote:

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> Robin:
> See page 4 of the User Manual under "Cautions". It says "Do not use cell
> phones in close proximity to the pump. Interference with the pump
> electronics by cell phones can occur. If a cell phone interferes with the
> pump, the pump will generate a System Fault alarm."
> I have used my Nokia 3360 (AT&T) with my Cozmo in my shirt pocket
> (approximately 12-14 inches away) without any problems. I've even had the
> two together in the same pocket for short periods of time without any
> problems. The phone transmits a polling periodically, and as far as I can
> tell, there was no effect on the pump.
> My Cozmo has been rock solid for me since I started with it 6 weeks ago.
> Hope this helps. As always, YMMV.
> Elliott
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> I agree Sue, I'm hoping Kevin will have to think LESS with the Cozmo. It is
> alot of work up front to program all the information (I'm loving it!) but
> after that...he wont have to think about his bolus, insulin on board or
> corrections!  We are set for training on Monday night. I have the pump all
> set
> up to go...just waiting for the software to personalize it.
> Did any Cozmo user see in the book about cell phones and your pump? Wassup
> with that? He cant be pumping near a cell phone? yikes.
> Robin
> Mom to Kevin
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