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Re: [IP] Request information on Animas/MiniMed/DTRON Plus

In a message dated 3/6/2003 1:28:05 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> That's an intersting thought - but the Animas isn't a lot over 2 years old
> so, was their newness and inexperience with pumps and service under
> consideration at that time? This has to be a YMMV thingy, too. Now that 2+
> years are under the belt it's safe to say how good they are, but there were
> a lot of skeptics back then, too. Anyone wanting a Cozmo should go for it.
> Not everyone drives a Pinto, Edsel, or Corvair. ;-)

Animas has been around for over three years now.  But at that time, yes, the 
newness of the company was a concern.  At the time, though, there were no 
pumps with the suite of features that Animas had to offer -- features that 
were very important to us .  . . The Dtron was fairly newly released but 
there was a big backlog in shipping (And Katie did not like the size & look 
of it at all).  Plus, that was right at the time when the problems with the 
Htron were just being reported.  The Paradigm was still not even close to 
being released.  Given how well we liked dealing with our local Animas rep 
and the fact that the founder of Animas had a track record of three 
successful prior hi-tech start-ups was somewhat reassuring -- but I was still 
a bit concerned about the lack of track record.  There was NO pump that 
didn't have negatives associated with it, no "perfect" pump -- we just went 
with the one that seemed to be the best choice for Katie . . .

As far as those (NOW) wanting a Cozmo, I agree they definitely should go for 
it.  As I said, the Cozmo has a lot of great features and Deltec has been 
around a long time making infusion pumps (even if it wasn't insulin pumps).  
HOWEVER, *for my daughter*, given the track record that Animas now has and 
the newness of the Cozmo, WE would choose still go with Animas if pump 
shopping RIGHT NOW.  

> As was stated a snipped part: "Most every pumper will tell you that they
> prefer the pump that they have -- chiefly because that's what they have the
> most experience with, and also because ANY pump is better than shots 
> (IMO)."
> Then the following verbiage was derogatory against all the other pumps - as
> good as they were proclaimed to be up top. Hmmmmm was that bashing in
> disguise? 

You're entitled to count it as bashing if you wish.  It wasn't intended to be 
. . . If you re-read my post you will see that I shared the coinsiderations 
(features, reported problems, experiences with the company reps, etc.) that 
were involved in OUR decision making process.   As I said TWICE in my post, I 
would take any of the pumps over shots for my Katie -- But that doesn't mean 
I would let the decision of which pump simply be made by a roll of the dice 
and it does mean that judgements (positive and negative) need to be made in 
order to come up with the "BEST" pump for any given individual.

People who shared that kind of information with me when we were pump shopping 
were of a great help to us  -- it's really hard to figure out what 
features/factors should be important to you when you haven't previously been 
a pumper.   For example when we were pump shopping, someone pointed out that 
they had been chosen the Dtron because you could get pre-filled cartridges.  
The ease or complexity of getting a cartridge filled (without a lot of 
bubbles) wasn't even an issue I'd thought to consider.  Because of that 
person being willing to share their experiences/opinion, I then knew enough 
to have all the pump reps demonstrate this process for me -- and I was able 
to see for myself what was involved and assign an informal "hassle" rating  
to each of the pumps we were evaluating.

As I stated, choosing a pump needs to be an individual choice but if that's 
all I say I don't see that as being very helpful and it is also clearly not 
what the original poster was looking for.  From his post, its obvious that 
he's already done the factual side of the research and is now looking for 
some subjective input from pumpers (or in my case, a parent of a pumper).  If 
multiple people using various makes of pumps respond with their own 
perspectives/experiences/opinions as I did then the  prospective pumper has a 
lot of useful data (data that is very different that you get from the pump 
companies or even your doc/CDE) -- information that can help them look at 
everything and help them figure what is important TO THEM.  I don't see that 
sharing that type of thing is bashing . . .

That's the $25 version of my 2 cents on the matter . . . Like every other IP 
post, I expect that people will take from it what is useful for them (if 
anything) and move on . . .
Pumpmama to Katie
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