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Re: [IP] my paradigm fiasco

>  know our lives depend on our insulin,
> but we do have ways to get it into us without a pump so our lives aren't
> otherwise threatened.

Yes, but for over $5,000 we should be able to depend on this pump.  I
had six pumps in less than three months.  Even though I've been pumping
a year and a half, I still wake up ever single night and do a blood test
as I am just not comfortable with my MiniMed product.  Pumps should not
just stop working while you're asleep and give you no warnings  -- and
yes it does happen.  It happened to me six times!  

I do have a backup plan and it's sure a good thing I do, because it's
been used often enough.

Since I currently have the means to get another pump, I am doing so and
you better believe it will be another brand.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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