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Re: [IP] OneTouch UltraSmart - dissappointed (long)

I just don't see what all of this hubbub is about.  The UltraSmart meter is 
capable of downloading however the software is not out yet.  The software is 
expected to be out within weeks according to my local Lifescan representative 
(who called me to inform me that the meter was out and to schedule a time to 
come show us at my hospital.)  The meter has a memory of 3000 readings . . . 
even at 10 readings per day that is still enough memory to last the better 
part of a year and the software is expected to be out within a few weeks.  
Not to mention that we won't even have to purchase the software or a new 
cable.  SOunds OK to me.

We've waited this long for a cure and we can't wait a few more weeks for the 
new software.   Use the meters . . . the software will be here soon enough.  
Is PATIENCE a bad word?

Roxanne Villanueva  RD, LD, CNSD
IDDM >20 years
Pumping >9
Certified Pump Trainer
Cleveland, Ohio

In a message dated 3/6/2003 6:04:34 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I agree on the dates thing - I work with corporate computer systems, and 
> understand how easy it is for them to get delayed - it is just really 
> frustrating to be on the customer side of this. =) I also wanted the list 
> to 
> be aware, in case anyone else was counting on this feature like I do. And I 
> know that it has the physical ability to download, but the fda doc said it 
> would "allow the user to download". The pump having the physical ability 
> does not mean that it "allows" me to download. Too bad I'm not a coder - 
> I'd 
> get the specs and write my own program to get at least a Comma seperated 
> list.
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