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Re: [IP] cozmo to require me to think more

I nearly always estimate the number of carbs in a meal, but
I also do a mental check to see whether my instinct agrees
with the bolus amount.  Very often I'll tweak the calculated
bolus amount up or down by a couple of tenths of a unit to
"right-size" the bolus. So I prefer controlling the bolus size
as the primary control.  But I'd also like to log the carb
amount for each bolus for my records, so I wouldn't want to
lose the correlated carb grams just because I'm bolusing by


>Responding to Mark: I would rather directly control the bolus and have the
>pump display the corresponding number of carbs.

>You can program the Cozmo to directly control the bolus (dose by units of
>insulin rather than carbs)  but it does not then tell you the grams.

>If you know the units of insulin why do you care about the number of carbs?

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