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Re: [IP] OneTouch UltraSmart - dissappointed (long)

I agree on the dates thing - I work with corporate computer systems, and 
understand how easy it is for them to get delayed - it is just really 
frustrating to be on the customer side of this. =) I also wanted the list to 
be aware, in case anyone else was counting on this feature like I do. And I 
know that it has the physical ability to download, but the fda doc said it 
would "allow the user to download". The pump having the physical ability 
does not mean that it "allows" me to download. Too bad I'm not a coder - I'd 
get the specs and write my own program to get at least a Comma seperated 

Type 1 8 years, pumping 9 months with Buzz the MM Paradigm

>  The Ultra Smart has the physical ability to download. It is the PC 
>software that is not currently available that can use the downloaded
>information. As with all software releases at any level from any 
>the projected dates are always to be taken with a grain of salt.

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