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Re: [IP] OneTouch UltraSmart - dissappointed (long)

At 12:33 PM 3/6/2003, you wrote:
> > Doing a google search, I pulled up an FDA doc of Lifescan declaring it's
> > intent to market the UltraSmart (http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/pdf2/k021819.pdf)
> > and stating in that document "The meter includes a data port that enables
> > the user to download electronic logbook data to a personal computer" I
> > the data port and the cable, but it sure doesn't allow me to download my
> > data.
>This worries me a little.  I am one of those people who lacks the self
>discipline of keeping a log book.  My doctor, however, always downloads my
>meter at my appointments.

I know its totally different with adults and kids but at work on Tuesday we 
had a girl in tears because we asked her a simple question  "are these your 
blood sugars?"

When we work with kids we require  them to keep a log book.  This kiddo was 
writing down totally different numbers in her log book than we downloaded 
from her meter.   That is one reason we ask for the logs.  The other reason 
is the loosing the date and time will render the meter downloading useless.

Brian Carter
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