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RE: [IP] Some questions about the Cozmo


So far, I've had no problems with static electricity. When I take off my PJ
top in the morning, it often produces static electricity which I feel and
hear. It has never bothered my Cozmo.

I love the reminder for checking my BG. I used to start the countdown timer
on my wristwatch as a reminder - now the timing is done automatically.

As always, YMMV.

Hope this helps.

Cozmoing since 1/22/02

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OK here are some questions I have about the Cozmo...

First.. does anyone know how it does with static electricity?  I have two
small kids who love to slide down those plastic slides that give off those
wonderful sparks.  How does this pump do?? My current pump has never had any
issues with it.

Next... Does anyone use the reminders for checking your BG?  Does it help?
is it more of a pain then its worth?

Third.. Does anyone know what their (Deltec's) Policy is if the pump stops
working and cant be fixed.. what do they do?? How fast do they claim to fix
the problem??

Forth.. The software you can get to "personalize" the pump.. Have any IP
bought it.. do you think its worthwhile?? Suggestions about it?? ie buy it

I guess thats all I can think of now.  Anyone who might know the answers to
these would be appriciated.

Thanks!  Joni
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