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Re: [IP] cozmo to require me to think more

I really like that the Cozmo can do bolus calculations based
on insulin-to-carb-ratios. But for me the design is backwards.

I would rather directly control the bolus and have the pump
display the corresponding number of carbs. This would mean fewer
button presses and a better "feeling" of control.  The calculated
carbs needn't be exactly right every time, but the software could
allow a manual override if it's important to note the precise
carb amount.


Scott Roberts <email @ redacted> writes:
>It's making me think more because I know that the wild west cheeseburger and
>medium fries with a diet coke from Checkers that I had for dinner last nite
> takes 14 units. I haven't the faintest clue how many carbs are in it.
> It frustrated me because I knew how much to give, but it wanted me
> to tell it how many carbs i was eating
> I realized ... you can just enter 0 for carbs, then correct the bolus

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