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Re: [IP] Request information on Animas/MiniMed/DTRON Plus

>>>Almost 2 years ago, we chose the Animas pump for our daughter. <snip>
If we were pump shopping now, we would still go with Animas.  Here's why:
The new Cozmo from Deltec has many great features, but it's only been in
general release for a few months -- not enough time to reveal any problems
with it (should there be any) and not long enough to be able to see what
Deltec's service and support will be like >>>

That's an intersting thought - but the Animas isn't a lot over 2 years old
so, was their newness and inexperience with pumps and service under
consideration at that time? This has to be a YMMV thingy, too. Now that 2+
years are under the belt it's safe to say how good they are, but there were
a lot of skeptics back then, too. Anyone wanting a Cozmo should go for it.
Not everyone drives a Pinto, Edsel, or Corvair. ;-)

As was stated a snipped part: "Most every pumper will tell you that they
prefer the pump that they have -- chiefly because that's what they have the
most experience with, and also because ANY pump is better than shots (IMO)."

Then the following verbiage was derogatory against all the other pumps - as
good as they were proclaimed to be up top. Hmmmmm was that bashing in
disguise? <s>

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