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[IP] Re: Waterproof information on Animas/MiniMed/DTRON Plus

Hello Bob and Adrianna,

I went on the MiniMed Paradigm approx 1 1/2 weeks ago and the rep that came
out, the doctor and the rep located at MiniMed all told me that it will be
waterproof till 8ft.  I did purchase the water tight sport pack (just in
case) when I go kayaking, etc.  When I scuba dive to 100+ feet I just take
it off completely as I will not be down more then an hour...the amount of
time they said I could leave it off the maximum amount of.
I can take showers, swim etc, with it with no problems unless I plan on
going deeper then 8 feet (safety distance) I don't worry about taking it
Hope this helps...


> Wait, Im confused here... the paradigm isnt waterproof? I know Summer
> with it for several hours and I let mine fall into the bathtub whenever I
> take a bath (my fav) and have NEVER had a problem... from my research BOTH
> the Paradigm and Animas are waterproof
> Adriana
> dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992 (506/507 that were not waterproof and the
> Paradigm that is!)
> > Hi Bob!
> >
> >   I'm new to the group as well, but welcome!  I have been on (and
> > currently use) both the Minimed Paradigm and the Animas.  I have been
> > please with the Minimed, then any other.  The people are very
> > They aren't arrogant, but rather very helpful.  Also, I have had better
> > 'service' with the Minimed.  The only reason I don't used exclusively
> > Minimed is that it is not waterproof.  As I am a 'hard core' competitive
> > swimmer, this created a problem.  Though I have not used the Disetronic,
> > have done much research and determined that the Minimed would serve me
> > best.
> > Good Luck with your decision!  ~Lattany
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