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[IP] Request information on Animas/MiniMed/DTRON Plus

        The pump is really just a tool and, like any other tool, you will
become comfortable with the one you select.  Some people on the list have
specific needs, such as the waterproof issue, but for most of us, it is
just a matter of getting a pump.  For example, I have had my pump for a
few years, and selected the MiniMed 508 over the Dtron or Htron (the only
other pumps that I then knew of) as I am in Los Angeles, and was told by
another local pumper  I could drive over to MiniMed and obtain a
replacement pump should the need arise.  So, unless you have a specific
need or circumstance, you should play with each of the pumps and then go
with the one that "feels" best to you.
      Shel Miller

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