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Re: [IP] cozmo to require me to think more

In a message dated 3/6/2003 9:04:36 AM Pacific Standard Time, email @ redacted 

>  It frustrated me because I knew how much to give, but it wanted me to tell 
> it
> how many carbs i was eating and I didn't know at the time and was hungry 
> enough
> that I wasn't going to wait til I got home and could look around on the 
> internet
> to find out.
>  I realized just now, as I was playing with the cozmo that if you have it 
> set
> to carbs, you can just enter 0 for carbs, then correct the bolus to however 
> much
> you want to give.

If you did the zero carbs and "correct" the bolus to a different amount, does 
the Coz record it as a corrective bolus (i.e. for high BGs) or would it still 
show in the history as a carb bolus?  I'm curious, because there are lots of 
foods that my daughter eats so frequently that she just knows the bolus 
amount and doesn't even think about the total carbs.  Though she could "back 
into" the carb total, I know she'd prefer not to . . .
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