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Re: [IP] Request information on Animas/MiniMed/DTRON Plus

>It depends on your definition.  I was told that it was "water tight".  
>doctor said that this means that if it gets splashed with water, or
>accidentally falls into the bath tub for a moment, it's not going to 
>it.  But they said it means that you cannot go swimming with it, or 
>it in water.  Please don't tell me they're wrong.  lol  I don't want to
>think I had my parents get me a second pump for nothing!

Your doctor is wrong in this case.  "Water tight" means what MOST 
people mean when they say waterproof.  The MM Paradigm is essentially 
waterproof up to a depth of 8 ft for 24 hours.  The term "water tight" 
is used to legally differentiate that from something that can NEVER be 
damaged in water.  You can swim in the Paradigm all you want.  (I doubt 
you swim for 24 hours.  :-)  I've swimmed in my Paradigm plenty of 

THe definition your doctor is applying to "water tight" is actually the 
definition of "water resisitant".  The MM 508 and prior pumps 
were "water resistant", meaning they should not be submerged in 
water...but getting them a little wet shouldn't be problematic.

Finally, originally the Paradigm was rated IPX 7, meaning you could 
have it submerged to a depth of 8 ft for up to 30 minutes.  Later, it 
was "upgraded" to IPX 8 (8 ft for up to 24 hours).  The reason wasn't 
because the pump changed...but because they finally got around to 
running the necessary tests to legally be able to advertise it as 
IPX8.  Technically, it was ALWAYS capable of IPX 8, but never had been 
fully tested.

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