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[IP] Re: Insulin Research and Animals

Insulin came directly out of animal research as Jan pointed out. I believe 
the book she refers to is titled The Discovery of Insulin by Michael Bliss 
and published by the University of Chicago Press. It is fascinating reading. 
In addition to all the dogs, they used cats, cows, rats and maybe pigs too.

In the book, Bliss talks about the animal rights people at the time when it 
was becoming clear that insulin was keeping diabetics alive indefinitely. The 
anti-vivisectionists, as they were then called, were the most vocal 
nonbelievers. They were morally outraged at humans inflicting pain on animals 
to further medical research. They pointed out that after all insulin wasn't a 
cure since not a single diabetic had actually recovered. Fortunately Robert 
Falconer, president of the University of Toronto where the research was done, 
dismissed them as some of history's most misguided idealists with the comment 
"Why, these people simply don't understand what the word humanity means." It 
is still painfully true today. 

Kathy (Bay Area)
IDDM 30 years, Pumping 2.5 years
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