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Re: [IP] yeast infections

I know at one point when I had a yeast infection, my gyn treated both my
husband and myself. If I remember correctly he said we could be passing it
back and forth without our even knowing he had it.

Before I went on insulin I had yeast infections all the time. I have not had
one since and I have had several rounds of antibiotics.  About that same
time though I started using a yeast cream prior to sex. So I guess I can't
say that it is one or the other but as long as it continues to work I am

Sue (Memphis)
Dx 01/29/02
Cozmo Pumping 01/07/03

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Subject: [IP] yeast infections

>      Ladies ~ I have also been struggling with the same lovely side effect
> of
>      diabetes  the dreaded yeast infection.  I have tried everything over
> the
>      years, I take acidophilus daily, and  eat plain yogurt.  I had tried
>      Diflucan  many times and it never worked.  MY new wonderful wonderful
> doctor
>      is the first doc who ever tried to help me with this problem.
> of
>      the regular one dose of 150 mgs of Diflucan he wrote me a scrip for
> 100mgs
>      one every day for a week  and then once a week for 3 weeks  ~  and
> plenty of
>      refills.  And it's only one co pay = )
>      Which was very helpful.  Talk to your gyn. about it.
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