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Re: [IP] Request information on Animas/MiniMed/DTRON Plus

>  But they said it means that you cannot go swimming with it, or emerge
> it in water.  Please don't tell me they're wrong.  lol  I don't want to
> think I had my parents get me a second pump for nothing!

Depends when you got yours.  Currently the Minimed website says:
"Watertight up to 8 feet for 24 hours".

However, I back in June 2002, when we had the waterproof, watertight, and
waterresistant argument, I looked up the info and they stated "Watertight up
to a depth of 8 feet for up to 30 minutes".

Maybe they improved the pump to be able to be submerged longer?  Maybe they
completed the tests to prove that it could be submerged longer?  I don't
know when you got your paradigm, but it is quite possible that that it
wasn't guaranteed for more than 30 minutes and as a competitive swimmer you
obviously train longer than 30 minutes at a time.  The question should be
that now that they claim it can be submerged longer, could yours be?

-- Sherry
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