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Re: [IP] BG Variance.- a way to save test strips from spoiling

I understand that, BUT   i NEVER left the top off for more then a few seconds 
to get out a test strip. I have only been using these test strips (and the 
tracker for that matter) since the first...all 5 days(today being the 6th) I 
have NOT let the top off EVER. I have been really good at this since I was 
younger and learned my lesson.
I am really gatting annoyed at this whole diabetes thing right now. This has 
not been my week. I just want to scream!

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992

> Responding to: A difference of 92 is not +/- 20% .
> I've had the same problem and it was probably due to what I've seen
> discussed here this week: leaving the top off the strips. I have been
> terrible about that.  I have now rigged my strip container so that I can 
> not
> set it down without it falling over. I tapped a wadded up ball of tape to
> the bottom of the container. Now the only way for me to put the container
> down without strips falling out is to close it and place it upside down on
> the lid.  I think the manufacturer should change the container so that the
> bottom is round. It forces you to close the container or play pick up
> strips.
> Sue (Memphis)
> Dx 01/29/02
> Cozmo Pumping 01/07/03
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