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Re: [IP] my paradigm fiasco

I do not find it difficult to keep all supplies for injections in my back
pack (being student, or your car, or office, or whatever).  That has given
me alot of extra assurance.  I have been VERY pleased with the Minimed
products, too.  The people are always very supportive and helpful, and don't
make me feel like an idiot when I can't change the batteries on my own.
.....My half a cent.

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> > Yesterday, I had an episode with static electricity and my pump dying.
> felt
> > very threatened and scared- I had faith in them where I wouldn't need an
> > unknown "backup plan".  They could at least supply us with 2 pumps like
> > disetronic.  <snip> Mini med
> > doesn't have to be so cheap- they can give us backups.  I feel like
> > guinea pig and I hate it.  If anyone has any suggestions or comments,
> love
> > to hear them.
> Well, since you asked, I have a comment (remember, you said you'd love to
> hear it) <g>:
> If giving a 2nd pump is the *least* they could do, what is the *most*? Of
> the - what is it, 5? now - pump companies, Disetronic is the only one
> issuing two pumps. So they are doing the most and the other 4 are doing
> least. Even D issues a pen with one of their versions, not 2 pumps, so
> are cutting their *most*. I'd also like to have 2 cars when I buy one
> it has been statistically proven that new cars are in the shop quite often
> for little, but necessary, repairs. I know our lives depend on our
> but we do have ways to get it into us without a pump so our lives aren't
> otherwise threatened. We also need transportation which our lives might or
> might not depend on i.e. delivering a baby on an interstate. ;)
> Pumps have been around more than 2 decades so we really aren't guinea
> Thousands and thousands of pumpers have never had a 2nd pump. Michael has
> given us substitute systems that work very well for coverage without
> re-introducing long-acting insulin back into our systems for a short
> of time.
> Since all things mechanical at *some time* will fail, it isn't wise to
> *faith in them where I wouldn't need an unknown "backup plan".* I was
> in my initial training to get a backup plan almost 2 decades ago and that
> *should havae been* part of your training. Please talk to your medical
> and get one in place. (~_^)
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