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[IP] A1C Fasting Question


When I went last Saturday to have my A1cs they asked me if I had fasted.  I
said, yes (because it was 7am on a Sat and I had not had a chance to eat
yet) but that it really should not matter since the only thing being tested
was the A1c.  The nurse said that recently, a lot of Drs. are asking their
patients to fast for this test.  

This does not give any insight into your question, but at least you know
that your Dr. is either not the only misinformed Dr. out there or there
might be something else some Dr. are trying to find out now.  

My endo only asks for fasting (which she writes on the prescripiton) when I
am having something else tested.

Just my 2 cents.

Eloisa and Bombita.
"Charlie Flugel" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>No one said they also have fasted for their A1c tests.  I have never done
before, either.

>>Maybe I need to change Endos, as I just started with this one.  I guess
of them graduated in the lower half of their class.
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