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Re: [IP] Yeast Infections (was Thrush)

> Mix 2 teaspoons psyllium powder (Metamucil or one of the clones) with 1/2
> teaspoon of bentonite powder in an 8 ounce glass of water.  Drink this
> Bentonite is a powdered pure clay which can be bought at health food
> I was told that yeast grows in the intestine and migrates up to the mouth
> frequently.  The mixture of psyllium and bentonite scrubs the intestinal
> and flushes the yeast out.

i do wish there was some truly effective vaginal yeast infection treatment,
since the over the counter treatments (canestin, etc) rarely work for me.
my doctor told me to get a cream with a stronger concentration of the active
ingredient in the OTC treatments, but the pharmacist didn't help me in
finding it, and frankly, i found his attitude, and the situation to be
rather embarrassing, and this is from someone who doesn't give a damn who
sees her buying the stuff.

anyone out there have good remedies?

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