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Re: [IP] Life scan Interface cable

Hmm, excellent idea Dave. I have a Keyspan serial-USB converter that I used
with my old Palm III. I imagine this will work as well as the converter you
bought from MacMall. I'd like to hook up my meter (One Touch Ultra,
hopefully the new Ultrasmart soon!) to my flat panel iMac.


On 3/5/03 6:42 PM, "David Jensen" <email @ redacted> wrote:

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> Sheila,
> We bought the cable from Lifescan (or whomever they said to buy it
> from) and bought the "Serial to USB" converter (FOR MAC! and it is a
> dual serial to single USB) from MacMall.  We were only able to find the
> converter on-line.  No brick&mortar stores carried the item.  The
> converter is pricey, about $80.  The two cables link together and
> connect via USB to the computer.
> We are able to download our One Touch Ultra directly to my G3 using the
> Diabetes Mentor software (from Vigora.com).
> David Jensen
> Father to Sigrid, Dx 9/02 @ 11 months, waiting for the pump...
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> Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 21:05:30 -0600
> From: "morrisarmy" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Life scan Interface cable
> Has anyone tried and/or been successful at rigging a Lifescan Interface
> cable
> with a USB connection?  I really want to connect it with my laptop but
> I don't
> want the bulk of the other connector.  Any suggestions or directions?
> Thanks,
> Sheila Morris
> Texas
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