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[IP] Re: Research

>>> When you think about it, though, research is responsible for MUCH of our
treatment today.  Thanks to research, we no longer test our urine for
sugar every day.  Thanks to research, standard treatment is no longer one
insulin shot a day.  (Truth be told, insulin is available to keep us alive
due to
research!)  >>>

And for anyone who is against using animals for research - they are a
hypocrite if they use insulin. At least 100 dogs were used by Banning and
Best to discover this life-saving hormone. Without those dogs, many, many of
us would not be here today. Thanks to those animals who gave their lives so
we could live. I forget the name of the book about the discovery of insulin,
but the movie Glory Enough For All (Masterpiece Theatre) is an excellent
history lesson.

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