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Re: [IP] Life scan Interface cable

Hi David,

Connecting a serial device via USB can cost a lot less than $80. Two
parts are needed:

1. Serial (DB9M)-to-USB adapter
   This plugs into the computer's USB port and ends in a 9-pin male
   serial connector (DB9M). You spent $80 for one, but I found an
   equivalent part here for about $30:

   Note that they say that you need "Apple MacOS 8.6 or later". I have
   no idea if this list is complete. Note that they claim you need
   "Microsoft Windows 98/2000", but Windows ME and Windows XP will
   also work. (Windows NT, OTOH, will *not* work.)
2. 9-pin to 25-pin adapter (DB9F-DB25M)
   The Lifescan cable ends in a rather special 25-pin female
   connector. Most series ports on the PC (and the serial adapter
   described above) have 9-pin male connectors. So, one needs to
   convert from the 9-pin to 25-pin layout. The converter is called a
   DB9F-DB25M. They're easy to find (any Radio Shack certainly it) and
   very inexpensive. I found one here for $6:

   The DB9F-DB25M adapter will plug into the Lifescan cable (DB25F)
   and the serial-to-USB adapter (DB9M).
That's roughly $35 for both parts. I'm pretty sure even cheaper
sources can be found.

Using this cable assumes that the meter download program can be
configured to find the meter. You were successful with "Diabetes
Mentor software (from Vigora.com)" but I do not know if other programs
can be similarly configured.

For instance, has anyone been able to configure the Lifescan InTouch
program to work with the meter connected to a USB port on a *PC*?

Hi, Sheila,

> "I really want to connect it with my laptop but I don't want the
> bulk of the other connector."

Your *best* bet is to use the serial port, not the USB port, since you
already have a 9-pin male (DB9M) serial port. You'll need to buy the
Lifescan cable (RS232M-DB25F) and the DB9F-DB25M adapter. You'll plug
the meter (RS232F) into the cable (RS232M) and the other end of the
cable (DB25F) into the adapter (DB25M). The other end of the adapter
DB9F) will plug into your PC serial port (DB9M). IMHO, there is no
simpler way.

regards, Andy

On Wednesday 05 Mar 2003 at 18:42 -0500, David wrote:
> We bought the cable from Lifescan (or whomever they said to buy it
> from) and bought the "Serial to USB" converter (FOR MAC! and it is a
> dual serial to single USB) from MacMall. We were only able to find
> the converter on-line. No brick&mortar stores carried the item. The
> converter is pricey, about $80. The two cables link together and
> connect via USB to the computer.

On Tuesday 04 Mar 2003 at 21:05 -0600, Sheila wrote:
> Has anyone tried and/or been successful at rigging a Lifescan
> Interface cable with a USB connection? I really want to connect it
> with my laptop but I don't want the bulk of the other connector.
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