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Re: [IP] Early warning ?

> I just got back from the Hospital where the doctor was forced to cut open
> abscess and drain it.  I probably  could have avoided the infection if I'd
> recognized the early warning signs of my body rejecting of the tubing.
> someone fill me in what to watch for so next time it won't be to late.
> Thanks again
> Erle
> Dx 27-Dec-79
> Pumping 27-Jan-03

Probably your first sign would have been a lump under your skin. It might
have been warm to your touch and if you put pressure on it, there would be a
fair amount of pain.

You abscess, may or may not have had to do with the site.  I've had 4
abscesses drained and three of them were before I started pumping.

Of course the standard warnings include changing your site at least every 3
days (according to my doctor) and making sure you are as clean (alcohol) as
you can be when starting a site.  As always, YMMV

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