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Re: [IP] Deltec Support

In a message dated 3/5/2003 5:08:59 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> When I got out it looked like there was some water
> between the cartridge and the viewing window.  I was concerned that the 
> pump
> may have been comprimised so I called customer support.  This was at about
> 3PM PST on saturday.  I left my name and number with an answering service
> person and recieved a call back from a clinician with in 30 minutes.  I
> think that she was paged at home cause I could hear what sounded like
> kitchen noises in the bkgnd.  She said I was the first person she knew of
> with this problem and tried to look it up in a few books.  She found no
> documentation and had me perform some tests on the pump.  It was working
> fine so she said to keep using it unless something went wrong and call back
> if it did.  She told me she would call design engineers on monday and ask
> them what the deal was and would get back to me.  She never called back but
> the pump is still working and I have changed out the cartridge since then.
> All in all I think that the service was good.  I felt like I was taken care
> of and that the rep cared about solving my problem.  I would have loved a
> call on monday for my own peace of mind but I am not holfding my breath.

You may be satisfied, but I certainly would not be.  The response time was 
reasonable and I wouldn't have necessarily expected her to find anything 
about this problem in her books (esp. with the Cozmo being so newly 
released).  What does concern me greatly is the fact that water (even if it 
was just moisture/condensation and not a lot of liquid) inside your 
**waterproof** pump could potentially cause serious problems including it 
dumping a cartridge full of insulin into your body without you even knowing 
-- something that has occured with other maufacturers pumps when water got 
inside and something that should be of concern with ANY electronic device 
(particularly an essential medical device).  

Water and electronics are not a good mix, EVER.  And, in the case of an 
insulin pump, it could have been dangerous or even deadly.  It would have 
been prudent for her to recommend that you at least remove the pump (until 
there was no visible moisture *at a minimum* ).  It's hard for me to imagine 
that Deltec would not have trained their pump support people about something 
like this (as a CYA, if nothing else).  In addition,  they definitely should 
have called you back first thing Monday to followup and arrange to ship you a 
new pump . . . 

You (directly or through premiums to your insurance company) paid them for a 
functional, safe, *waterproof* pump.  If it were my pump, I'd demand an 
immediate replacement . . .

Pumpmama to Katie (12)  happily pumping with "Elvis," her Animas pump since 
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