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[IP] DELETE THIS POST!!!! do not BLOCK any address

This is an advisory for those on the list who really do not like 
receiving mail from any individual or group.  Do NOT put a block on 
any address, whether it is a part of Insulin Pumpers or an individual 
member.  That only causes great headaches for the Administrators to 
deal with bounced mail, and we don't have time for it  (we also have 
to earn a living to pay for our insulin too)   When you get mail you 
don't want, just delete it, filter it to your Trash, put it off into 
a folder you never look in, but do NOT place a Block on anyone's 
address.  It will only mean that your address will be deleted from 
the rolls.  You must take responsibility for your actions, and this 
will definitely happen.

Thank you, if this message does not self-destruct in the next 10 
seconds, please delete it.

George Lovelace
Volunteer Administrator
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