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[IP] RE: Induo

I looked at the InNovo injector (the insulin delivery portion of the 
Induo) recently when I started on MDI.  I liked some of the features, 
but there were two reasons I didn't choose it.

1. It is big and clunky.  I like the size and form of the Novopen much better.
2. The injector portion has batteries that cannot  be changed (the 
batteries for the meter portion are separate, and can be changed). 
When they die, it has to go back to the mfg. for replacement.  This 
means you switch to standard needles while it's out, or you buy 

As a backup device the first issue is not a major one, the second 
issue makes it seem to me that it InNovo/InDuo would not be a good 
choice for a backup system to the Pump.  While your pump is working, 
the injector is sitting on the shelf and it's batteries are slowly 
dying.  Remember that batteries have a limited shelf life, and they 
could be dead before you ever use the device once.

What I would like to have is a better Pen.  I used a NovoPen 1.5 for 
years, but had to switch since I can't seem to get NovoLog in 1.5ml 
cartridges.  The NovoPen 3 is similar, but doesn't do 1/2 units or 
anything less than 2 units.  The NovoPen Jr does both, but looks 
silly.  Of course if I could get Aetna to approve my Cozmo, I 
wouldn't need one at all.

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>There is a new device from one touch call induo, I think. As most of you
>it is a meter and insulin delivery system in one.  Has anyone tried this?  I
>don't want to have to rely on a pump that fails and a pump company that
>provide what we need.  And I certainly can't afford a new pump from another
>company.  Please let me know what you think about this new device.

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