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[IPn] Insulin Pump & Glucose Monitor Usage Survey

( editors note: I received this survey request from a group of grad 
  students interested in closed loop pumps. 
  email @ redacted )

Hi everyone,

My name is Heather Devine and I'm a Masters student at San Jose State 
University and part of a group working on a project for our 
Ergonomics in Design class.  The product we have chosen to explore is 
the combination of an insulin pump and a glucose monitor.  Our class 
brings together Human Factors and Design students to create new 
products, in particular paying attention to how its functionality, 
interface, and physical aspects combine to make an ergonomic and 
usable product. All four of us in the group each have a family member 
or friend who has diabetes, which led to our interest in the project. 
Our ultimate purpose is a mock-up of a new product and a portion of 
its interface, but just as important is the process along the way.

In order to learn more about how current insulin pumps and glucose 
monitors are being used, we have created a survey. It includes 
questions regarding general usage, as well as opportunities to rank 
how usable pumps and monitors are and suggestions for improvement.  

The location for the survey is:


Your participation would be appreciated. If possible, please try to 
respond by March 11th. 

All responses will be kept confidential, and results will only be shown as 
part of a group.  Once we have all the data, we will make the results 
available.  Also, once the project is completed, we'll make our final 
report and product information available as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at either 

     email @ redacted
     email @ redacted

Thank you for your interest and help!

Heather Devine
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