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Re: [IP] re: thrush

> Help..what's thrush and what happens to one's body?
What I have is oral thrush...a yeast infection in the mouth. Gross, I know.  
I have white spots on my tongue and the back of my mouth (top of my throat). 
I also have what feels like little tiny pimples on the back of my mouth (that 
are white). My mouth tastes like bread... like I am sucking on a piece of 
bread or that I have been chewing it for a while. When it gets really bad any 
thing that has yeast in it makes it sting. Once I had it where I was only 
eating lettuce and vinager (everything else hurt so badly) . My mouth burns 
and itches at the same time. As  diabetics we are prone to get yeast 
infections because of high bgs. Antibiotics are another cause. So are 
inhalers. I happen to be on antibiotics for a while, on an inhaler and 
because of various illnesses all at once my bgs were crazy. I was a perfect 
breeding ground for this gross and yucky thrush. 

I hope this helps.

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992

PS Thanks to all the responses... I am slowly getting better! Thank you all!
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