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[IP] numb heel

marilyn wrote:
>16 year old son suddenly got this along with pain in his calf.  He's 
> also dizzy....internist said everything was normal on exam (LOL), but 
> drew blood to make sure.  He had no answers.....except the usual, 
>"it's probably the flu."  What do you all think?

Well, since you asked, I think your doctor is an idiot.  I would like to know 
what physiological reason he can equate numbness in the foot to the 
flu......what OTHER symptoms does he have?  does he play sports, does he run 
alot?  could he be developing a bone spur?  how about plantar fasciatas...how 
about shin splints...all of those things could cause pain and/or numbness in 
the heel and on up into the calf

Is your son diabetic?  I would be more concerned if he is and perhaps speak 
to a podiatrist rather than an internist...I think they are simply trained to 
just say it's the flu, draw blood and then poo poo you out of the room making 
you feel silly

Medical professionals.....<snort> (nothing personal to my FRIENDS that happen 
to be in the industry....)

Sara Smarty Pants AZ
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