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Re: [IP] re: thrush

> Help..what's thrush and what happens to one's body?

Sorry.  I know this is the second time you've asked.  Oral thrush is a yeast
infection in your mouth.  It looks like white spots on your gums or tongue.
It can probably affect inside the cheeks, too.  It is basically the same
kind of problem as a vaginal yeast infection, only in a different part of
the body.

I can't describe how it feels.  That's why I didn't answer last time.  I
hoped someone who has had it might respond.

It is possible to get yeast infections anywhere in your body that is warm
and moist, though the vaginal ones are the most common.

As a nursing mother, I can tell you that thrush is occasionally a problem
for lactating mothers and their babies.  (Mothers experience it on their
lactating breasts, instead of orally.)  Diabetics, being more prone to yeast
infections, also have a greater risk for this kind of yeast infection, as

I had thrush twice while nursing my babies.  It appears as a red rash (not
oral thrush, here), and, though I never experienced this, it can cause pain
while the baby sucks, feeling something like being cut by broken glass.
That's how I've heard it described.  I was quite fortunate not to experience
that aspect of it at all.

Perhaps someone can explain how oral thrush feels better than I could.  I
don't personally know and hope never to find out, at least not first hand!
I do know that babies afflicted with it can experience some discomfort when
they try to nurse.  I consider myself fortunate that I never saw any sign of
it in either of my children.

Be glad that you had to ask!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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