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Re: [IP] Number of insulin vials monthly - wasted insulin

> Just my opinion here - but I refuse to leave my sites in for more then 3
> days cause while you may not see any instant scarring I don't want to be
> covered in scar tissue in a couple years.

I'm not denying there is risk there, but I would expect it would take a lot
longer than "a couple years" to be covered in scar tissue.  When I first got
started, I was told to change my site every "three or four days."  I opted
for four with no problems for a number of years.  Most of the time I change
after three or three and a half now, but I've done it much longer.  I still
see no sign of scar tissue anywhere.

Starting pumping at your age, Summer, which is about how old I was when I
started, you've got many years ahead of you, though, so if it takes two
years or twenty, the concern is a valid one.  I'm simply noting that it does
often take longer than you seemed to think.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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