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Re: Backup Plans - was [IP] my paradigm fiasco

What other backup plans did you have in place, if any? Did your pump 
trainer suggest you have insulin and a syringe or pen in your kit?

What happens if you have a blocked infusion set? I've been instructed to 
carry my insulin pen (and a new cartridge every month) with my little kit.

My kit includes:
Test Strips
Lancet and extra sharps
Alcohol Swipes
Sugar for Lows (not sugar, but what's it matter for this)
Palm dedicated to Diabetes Management (Logbook)
Insulin Pen with extra needles and a single cartridge
Black Felt-Tipped Marker
Spare AAA battery

I also have my Pump Kit, which includes

2 Infusion Sets
2 Reservoirs
Lancet and sharps
IV Prep
Alcohol Swipes
Test Strips
Vial of Insulin
Pump Manual
2 AAA Batteries
Sugar for Lows (not sugar, but what's it matter for this)

I carry my first kit almost everywhere I goes. At the very least, I carry 
my Meter and Lancet. I carry my Pump kit whenever I am going to be away 
from access to my pump supplies long enough or far enough that it would be 
more of an inconvenience to not bring it. I also carry my pumpkit when it 
becomes close to change my infusion set. If i know that I'll run out about 
mid shift at work, I bring my Pump Kit with me. If I know it won't empty 
until after my shift, then the kit stays at home.

Luckily for me, I carry so much stuff to work, that I usually carry it with 
me at all times. =)

What have other people been told about backup plans?
What do you carry and when?


At 03:36 PM 3/5/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>Yesterday, I had an episode with static electricity and my pump dying.  I felt
>very threatened and scared- I had faith in them where I wouldn't need an
>unknown "backup plan".  They could at least supply us with 2 pumps like
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