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Re: [IP] Prescription Plans

>>>  Weird that Merck would consider sets and cartridges as durable.>>>

I doubt it's Merck that does, it's the ins. carrier. We had Guardian but
Rx's through Merck - no accepting reservoirs/infusion sets. The company
changed to United Health Care with Rx's through Merck - they actually
retained our Rx's and continued on with them. BUT, (big but) I can now get
res. and inf. sets through Merck's pharmacy. As always, it's the way your
company has its plan designed.

Funny thing also, we were getting methotrexate (injectable RA med) for my
hugsband and a 10 ml vial was $9.48 - below our copay. That was through
Guardian/M-M. We cannot get it through UHC/M-M not even with the other Rx.
Since it was under copay, I was hoping they'd honor the Rx but M-M only
works with ins. carriers. :-((((

We pay $25.00 put of pocket locally now.

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