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Re: [IP] Speaking of milk...

Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 22:10:23 -0500
From: Judi <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Speaking of milk...

> If you hate milk so much, why don't you try an alternative?
> Soy or rice milk aren't so bad, I actually prefer soy to normal milk.

Ummm, sorry if I am ignorant, but they add tons of sugar to soy milk don't
they?  I just avoid the stuff for that reason.  I avoid milk and yogurt due
to the carbs also (although I have found I can eat about half a carton of
the stuff that is sweetened with asperetame).  I get my calcium from green
leafy stuff and supplements.  My bones are in good shape so far according to
bone density scan.  Sorry, if I'm not getting something here.

Even with the pump, I just cannot eat carbohydrates in excess of 20 grams
per meal.  That is how my body works.  I do realize that other folks are not
so carbohydrate sensitive as I am.

But again, for those who use soy milk, doesn't it spike your BG?  How do you
bolus for it?  Do you combine it with some kind of protein to slow down the

Sorry, I have been low carbing for so long, don't know how people cope with
these kinds of carbs.

Thanks for answering.  Margaret
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