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RE: [IP] Induo?

I used the innovo before I got my Cozmo.  The difference between the two is
that mine didn't have a meter integrated ito the cover.  The innovo is
really just an insulin pen that is not shaped like a pen.  It uses novofine
insulin pen recharge cartridges.  The big plus of this device is that it has
a small digital readout that tells you how much your last injection was for
and how long ago you took it (in whole hours)  This feature is great if you
forget if you had taken a shot of humalog or not ( I do all the time).  the
induo is a bit bulky for my taste but other than that it is a good

let me know if you want more info.

(dx'd 1999 pumping with Ayasha the Cozmo since 2/24/03)

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There is a new device from one touch call induo, I think. As most of you
it is a meter and insulin delivery system in one.  Has anyone tried this?  I
don't want to have to rely on a pump that fails and a pump company that
provide what we need.  And I certainly can't afford a new pump from another
company.  Please let me know what you think about this new device.
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