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[IP] thanks for surgery advice

  Thank you to everyone who responded with my surgery questions!!  My 
surgery went well.  My blood sugars were crazy!!  I was 297 when I woke up 
so I corrected and an hour later was even higher.  So, I did some more 
adjustments and changed my basal.  When I got to the hospital, I explained 
what I'd done and they were fine with it.  By the time I went in for 
surgery, I was at 156 and at 140 when I came out.  And I had no problems 
when I got home.  I was able to eat just fine at home, so I put my normal 
basal's back in.  And today, I'm doing well.
So, again, thanks to everyone!  Everyones advice helped a lot!
                                              Myndi Fletcher
                                              Paradigm Pump

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