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[IP] Cozmo

I just wanted to write a little update about my quest to get a pump upgrade.
I just finished meeting with my territory rep from Deltec.  I am so impressed
with all the options on the pump!  The thing I am most excited about is that
it has a feature that will remind you to check your blood sugars and it can
monitor if you forget to bolus for a meal!  These are two of my big areas if

Deltec is willing to help me fight my insurance which is something that
another company which I will not name was not willing to do.  I have been
fighting for a pump for since last September and have yet to get a positive
response from my insurance company.  Deltec is "taking charge" and I no longer
have to fight this battle on my own!!

Anyhow I just wanted to make a little post and let people know to check out
this new and exciting pump as an option.  I had no idea it had so many
possible features!!!

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