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[IP] Re: A1C Fasting Question

I want to thank you all for your responses concerning my questioning of my
Endo's directing me to fast for 4 - 8 hours prior to my A1c test.  Most of
you, along with 2 other doctors and an A1c test kit supplier have said there
must also be another test being performed with the blood sample being taken,
as fasting for that time will not impact the A1c test - which is an average
reading of the bGs for 60 - 90 days (but is influenced most by the last
several weeks).  The A1c was the ONLY test being performed with my drawn
blood at this time.

No one said they also have fasted for their A1c tests.  I have never done so
before, either.

Maybe I need to change Endos, as I just started with this one.  I guess half
of them graduated in the lower half of their class.

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