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Re: [IP] I am MAD!!!


Normally there is a "low battery" alarm that happens before a
"no power" alarm.  However, I and others on this list have had
the "no power" alarm occur without the "low battery" alarm. It
is frustrating.  In 8 months of pumping, this has happened to
my paradigm one time.

The solution is to replace the battery with a fresh one.  There
are varied opinions on this list about the best battery type.
I use the mini-med recommended Energizer alkaline batteries.

What did you mean by "all this talk on the mini med phone menu
about the winter issue and the paradigm"?  Was this a recorded
message that played for you while you were on hold? What did it say?


"Ashley" <email @ redacted> writes:
>I felt my brand new paradigm vibrate 3 times and NO power.  called minimed,
>and waiting for my dr to call for a backup plan.  This is absolutely awful!
>What happened?  And what is all this talk on the mini med phone menu about the
>winter issue and the paradigm?  I am just appalled!!!  Someone, please email
>me if this has happened to you and tell me what the solution is.

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