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Re: [IP] Fw: diabetics at high altitudes

Someone wrote of Albuquerque (sp????) 

>Plus, the oxygen molecules that ARE there are 
>certainly contaminated with isotopes of some element 
>that is buried deep within the four hills area just
>east of town. I barely escaped with my life. Some 
>would say I escaped without it. Whatever you do DO 
>NOT EVEN THINK of moving there.

I reply:

Oh, yeah?  Well, if you plan on moving to Denver then
make sure you bring four or five layers of clothing to
wear every day - this is what you have on UNDER your
down-filled parka.  It is soooo cold here that your
breath freezes every morning before you can even get
out of bed because our gas heating pipes can't even
stay warm enough to keep from freezing overnight. 
PLUS, the sun shine every day of the year is enough to
give you skin cancer even if you never go outside it
is that strong it goes through the roof.  Anyone with
allergies absolutely must stay away because the air is
completely contaminated with blue spruce and ponderosa
pine spores.  And we don't have any water.  None.  The
Californians that have moved here in the last five
years have used it all up watering their yards and
filling their pools.  You must have a rationing card
to use at the community tap.  Do not even think about
bringing your car.  Our pollution has been so bad that
driving is prohibited.  You have to bribe our local
officials in order to get your permit to drive on our
highways and only if you promise to have at least five
passengers in your car at all times.  The only
exception to that is if you are driving alone and need
to make 400 short trips to the corner grocery in one
day.  Oh, and one more thing, drug use here is
rampant.  It makes us all lose our minds and imagine
what would happen if even more people discovered our
way of life.

Please please please do not move here.  I am trapped
and cannot get out.  Please make sure the same fate
does not happen to you too.

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.  

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