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[IP] OneTouch UltraSmart - dissappointed (long)

Well, I thought I'd share with you my current issues with the UltraSmart. 
The main reason I wanted it was to encourage me to log carbs and exercise 
and such - something I don't seem to do on paper or my palm. I then wanted 
to be able to download that data to my PC to analyze for trends and such, 
like I did with my old Ultra. Before ordering the UltraSmart, I looked at 
the owner's manual, which continually said that the UltraSmart was 
downloadable using free software available at Lifescan.com.

When I was unable to download even the bg readings from the meter, and 
unable to find a later version of the software, I emailed Lifescan customer 
service. They told me that the new version of software was still in 
development, and would not be available until 2nd quarter of 2003. I also 
cannot download any data from the meter to an 3rd party programs.

Doing a google search, I pulled up an FDA doc of Lifescan declaring it's 
intent to market the UltraSmart (http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/pdf2/k021819.pdf) 
and stating in that document "The meter includes a data port that enables 
the user to download electronic logbook data to a personal computer" I have 
the data port and the cable, but it sure doesn't allow me to download my 

Well, I'm kind of mad at them right now. I have a week's worth of readings 
in my new UltraSmart that I cannot get out into any kind of analysis program 
(other than by typing them in manually), and I feel like I was misled by the 
advertising and materials. I'm also afraid that their second quarter date 
will get pushed back, like many new releases seem to. I wish I had not 
bought the meter. Without the software, it is no different than the Ultra to 
me, and I will go back to using my Ultra so I can download my readings.

If I ever get on an insurance plan that covers the strips for the Freestyle 
Tracker, you can bet I'll switch. I was formerly a devoutly loyal customer 
of Lifescan - I have not had a meter that was not a Lifescan since my 
diagnosis 8 years ago. I was so looking forward to the release of the 
UltraSmart, and wish they hadn't messed it up this way.

My reccommendation - if downloading data is important to you, DON'T buy this 
meter now.

Type 1 8 years, pumping 9 months with Buzz the MM Paradigm.

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